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January 02, 2012

MovieTrailers for Malcontents #1 - Goldginger!

Just how many rubes were fooled into dropping precious movie-time coin to see "Goldginger", thinking they were seeing the Bond hit instead?

Not to mention if any of the English speaking distributors saw the perils of translating comedy, especially the Sicilian provincial comedy of Franco e Ciccio (English translation). The trailer, to the producer's wisdom or chagrin, provides an entire routine for our benefit. Cracks about thick Sicilian accents and skin color pepper a sequence that takes its sweet time to complete. And there's also that quick shot of the boys garbed as "Mohammedans" (shoe polish and headdresses).

As in a lot of these 1960s European genre films, there are some recognizable faces: Fernando Rey, slumming between Buñuels; Rosalba Neri, in the valley between pepla and spaghetti westerns.

Due mafiosi contro Goldginger was seemingly and relatively an early spy-spoof in the mid-Sixties Bond rush. More info, however scant, can be found here (IMDB, of course). Italian wiki page for the film here (with pics).

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